Grayson Vaughn

Just found some designer clothes on another blog. Goes by the name of Grayson Vaughn.

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Bulls X Celtics: Best Series Ever?

The Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics, have had one of the most craziest first round series in playoff history. 7 overtimes, 3 and 2 double over times, winning margins only being were 2, three, 21, 3, 2, 1 and 10 points, and unlikely stars taking charge when the superstars were screwing up. Now tell me if this was not the best series ever.

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Back on the Grizzy...Again.

Sorry about the no posting for a minute. Life's been enjoyable and i haven't been in touch with cyberspace space in a minute. On to some business though.
RESIN Jeans, I'm really digging them just from this simple ad:

here's some stuff from Reid:

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Chasing Dreams

I was getting a haircut at my barbers, when I came across a miracle story in a September 2008 issue of Men's Journal. The story was written by Thayer Walker, and it was about a man by the name of Timmy Turner that was a surfer and movie director. The article focuses on how Turner followed his dream of surfing and making movies on surfing, and how it almost killed him. While surfin in Indonesia, Turner developed a serious staph infection in his skull that eroded almost a quarter of the bone. He underwent six major surgeries and lost 75% of his original skull, but was replaced with artificial bone that was stitched onto his real skull. Basically this man went from being into a coma, to doctors saying he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life, to recovering 100% in 6 months, and back surfing in the Arctic ocean with his buddies. Read the full story here if your looking for some inspiration.
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Amber Vision

A friend of mine put me on some sun glasses, called Amber vision sun glasses. They're a product seen on TV, and you can purchase them online for a whopping...$3! The shades are real hot and they look real cool. They enhance your vision and make everything quite sharper blocking 99% of UV rays. Go and cop them
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Back On The Grizzy!

Weak post count this month, sorry readers.
Spring is approaching rapidly in a couple of days, and new designs/old designs are surfacing everywhere. Its time you get out your light jackets, cargo's and hi-top sneakers once again, cause its about to get a lot warmer. Here's some stuff that was picked up from New York Times Style Magazine:
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The Fastest, Most Powerful Bentley

I came across a little section on the March/April edition of DEPARTURES magazine, and it was talking about the fastest, most powerful Bentley in the world. Apparently the new car is "delivering supercar performance" and is the first "flex-fuel" Bentley. The car has not been previewed, but it will be on display next week at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The specs that have been given include: top speed at 204 mph, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, and the fact that its the first Bentley to run on gasoline and bio-fuel as well. The car is supposed to come out by summer 2010, with price tag being announced by then. 

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Louis V. 09

Louis Vuitton has a new campaign coming out this year. Not too much is known about it, but from what I've seen, I'm highly impressed. Madonna is currently involved in promoting and advertising the handbags, and probably a whole lot more feminine products. At 50 she has a new set of photo advertisements, and she looks pretty good for her age. As for the male aspect, a few pictures is all we got from this.
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NY Fashion Week

I mentioned a few posts ago about the Mercedes Benz fashion show that started last Friday, and I've got some news on other featured articles from the show. Many designers were MIA at the show, but the ones that were there had a lot of special clothing articles. Some looked very stupid, and you would only find such things to be worn at some elaborate party that required some silly dress code. Here are some of the pieces that stood out from the photo's I saw.

Peep the hi-top boat shoes. (Band Of Outsiders)

The middle suit piece (Spurr)

The amber jacket. Looks good for skiing (Spurr)

Gray suit, black dress shoes. (Gilded Age)

Peep the middle guy. Suit jacket is tough. (Calvin Klein)

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Slidin' Cribs?

dRMM, an architecture company in London, has built a small yet sophisticated crib in Suffolk, England. Peep this: the house can slide in an out of its shell. There are rails that the walls and the roof that allow them to slide across to move the house. The house is 28 Meters long, and there's no exact price on the pad, but I'm sure there's a whoppin' tag on it.

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The IPhone Pro

The greatest phone ever made?

This my friends is the Iphone pro. Its just a concept but Apple has said that we can expect something along these lines some where down the road. It has the same user face as the current 3G Iphone but this time around with a better camera more storage and FINALLY a keyboard!!! Whats also great about the keyboard is that it has a directional pad along with an A and B button for when we are playing games on our pone. Of course this will cost more but at the end of the day if we can have a phone that looks like that concept art, I'm willing to throw down some money for it.

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African Designers

We've been mentioning a lot about spring 2009 wear, and there's some more to come, but lets jump ahead a few seasons. Mercedes-Benz is having its semi annual fashion show on Friday the 13th and its cataloging its fall wear for 2009. This is a really big event, because a lot of major designers are gonna be there unveiling new fall wear, and perhaps some new winter attire.
However with this years fashion show, African designers are coming out heavy, and were going to be seeing a new array of clothing from them. Some of the new designer brands are Xuly Bet by Malian designer Lamine Badian Kouyate, Tiffany Amber by Nigeria's Folake Coker, Momo by Nigeria's Fati Asibelua and Stoned Cherrie by South Africa's Nkhensani Nkosi. All of these four designers are unveiling collections at the show.
Xuly Bet which means "keep an open mind" in the wolof language are just re imagined T-shirt designs that Kouyate is bringing forth with a price range of $100 and up. Stoned Cherrie brings out a hefty price with clothing starting from $500 and going up to $2000. Momo by Asibelua is animal print themed and is ranging from $300 to $3500. Her work has gained some popularity in european countries, and shes hoping to catch some attention here in America

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Gourmet 2009 Spring

If you look back a few posts, I already posted about Gourmet's Due model for the 2008 Holiday season. Gourmet's Spring 2009 Collection includes the Due in canvas and new colorways, as well as two other models, the Uno and the Tre.

Here they are...

Thanks Hypebeast


Polo: Spring 09

Ralph Lauren's Polo clothing line, just came out with its spring collection. The collection features last years Polo model designs, with new colorways, so basically they're just a revamp. Being a man that wears polo shirts, I'd like to say i like the new colors that are coming out. There are other articles that are included into the collection, such as plaid shorts, or seer sucker shorts, but those are just recycled designs from last year.

If your a high end shopper, peep the new collection and just check around for things that might catch your eye. You might find yourself a hot new polo and join the infinite debate of either wearing it tucked in or out.

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Blockbusters of '09

With one month down in 2009, this years blockbusters make the remaining eleven months seem like a long stretch. There weren't that many big hits last year, except for maybe The Dark Knight and...well other not so big hits.
However there is a plethora (SAT word!) of new movies this year and they look all so very promising.
Hugh Jackman reprises his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the titles character. the movie is set to explore the life of wolverine prior to him joining the X-Men, and its supposedly set 17 years before the first movie. The Dark Knights voice changing batman, Christian Bale takes on the role as John Connor in Terminator Salvation, as he fights the machines in a war that hes spent the previous three movies stopping.
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker return in Fast & Furious in the fourth movie of the series thats supposedly taking place in between the second and third.
Michael Bay brings back Transformers in the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Its the most anticipated movie on the summer so far. Disney is also releasing its much hyped The Princess and the Frog featuring the first black main character in this spin off fairy tale, along with that, Toy Story in 3-D (not 3!) is coming out. J.J Abrams directs the new Star Trek movie that also looks promising. Others include Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Ice Age 3, Dragonball Evolution, Year One, and Astro Boy.
Be sure to vote on the poll on this blog to see which movie you think is gonna be the blockbuster of 09.
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